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Photo by: Theater Young Ones ©

Theatre has always intrigued me and fortunately my favourite theatre in the Netherlands, Theater Young Ones in Zwolle, has given me multiple opportunities to work with them on several theatre shows and big productions. I worked as composer, musical director, sounddesigner, educator and musician. I've played every pop-instrument you can think of in the most beautiful and bizar theatre-shows imaginable. This theatre is a magical place with talented people and it's not you're average theatre club. Below are some of the posters of plays in which I took part. Click on the poster for more information.

Be sure to check out for more background-information and go to to see what they say about me. 

One particular project brings back some special memories. During this production we toured around schools and theatres as a fictional well know band "The Froggles". We released an album and a music-video and pretended to be famous. We even performed during Queensday in Zwolle and overall this production was the craziest one I have worked on. We made a show, an album, a music-video, press-photos and we played about 35 shows in the Netherlands, all in just three months! Watch the music-video and listen to the album by clicking the video or the soundcloud player above.. In the video you'll see me in different parts and on the album I played the drum parts, sang background vocals and I played some guitar (solo) parts. 

Composer, Musician & Musical Director

Musician & Actor


Musician, Musical Director



Musician & Actor


Musical Director

Musicproduction for "Macbeth"

Musical Director

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