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Trailer for theatre-show "Heroin". Directed by Fokke Baarssen

Music & Sounddesign










Music-video (live) Jonathan Hildebrand - See the sun again
Voice, guitar, video production

Short-film "Haaks". Directed by Jeffrey Tomberg.

Music & sounddesign










Webseries "Heemennekes en Hellehonden. A production

commisioned by VPRO Dorst. Concept by Tom Hofland and Pascal

van Hulst.

Music & Camera










I composed and produced the leader and background music for this

podcast. A custom job for "Zinmag",  by Landstede Groep, Zwolle.









With Gijs Knol, a talented producer, I made this short album to explore the possiblities of composing from our home-studios, in different styles and with songs that are no longer than 30 seconds. It challenged us and we had a lot of fun trying to get the songs to sound as convincing as possible.










Live-video, Alicia Keys - Ain't got you (cover)

Arrangement, guitar & vocals.

Pilar Prospektor - Message you're sending out

Piano (arrangement) & vocals.

Carmijn (ft. Nils Westerhoff

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